Saturday, August 5, 2017

Illinois Terminal Car 233

In 1906, the rapidly-expanding Illinois Traction System ordered three deluxe interurban cars for long-distance operation in the planned tri-state system.  The cars were named Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, obviously enough.  Of course, the IT never reached Indiana, and plans for this service were dropped.  The Missouri was rebuilt in 1910 into business car 233, and lasted until the end of electric service.  It is now preserved at IRM, and if you know the right people, such as Joel, you too can see its luxurious interior.

The only passenger steps are at the rear of the car, so we'll start at the back and work our way towards the front.

This is the hot-water heater for the car.

The rear platform has fancy match holders as well as match strikers.  Perhaps smoking was limited to the rear vestibule.

Inside the restroom.

Across from the restroom is a little bench.  Please be patient.

The car has a well-appointed kitchen, big enough for one cook.

The rear wall of the kitchen.

This is the rear wall of the main compartment; the couch can be made into a bed.

Inside the main compartment is a large table for business meetings.

With some more seats at the front.  These are also convertible into beds.

Electric fans for your comfort.

This is thought to be the only official Illinois Terminal typewriter in existence.  Ready to take a letter, Miss Jones?

The bedding is stored inside this cabinet.

And there's also another cabinet hiding some file drawers for company documents.

The motorman's cab, with its C6 controller.

And the back of the cab has the electrical equipment.

This is the front of the car.  As you can see, we are having a conference with executives from the Lake Shore Electric, another vast interurban system.  You will also notice an official IT spittoon.  This is a very high-class railroad, I'll have you know.

The ceiling at the front of the car has an unusual design.

I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Whatever your business needs, remember to ship via Illinois Traction!


Chris said...

FIRST AID BREAK GLAS- you might need a bandaid after that.

Randall Hicks said...

It does seem rather rather bizarre, but nearly all cars from that period, certainly all of our CA&E and North Shore cars, have the first aid box behind a pane of glass. It was the only effective way to keep people from stealing supplies for their own use. And now I'm wondering if Metra trains, for instance, have any sort of first aid supplies available?

Unknown said...

On Metra I should remember but cant. It would have to be in the vestibule but I cant place it. Amtrak Superliners have a first aid kit with an axe in the vestibule. Interesting conversation. Little things you rarely think about.

Chris said...

If I remember right, Metra has the flashlight and glowsticks behind plastic glass in the stairways. At least on newer cars.

Amtrak has the "emergency rave" glowsticks out in the open, and they are always missing on college town trains.