Friday, August 4, 2017

New Light Rail Construction in Milwaukee

Up-to-date pictures of the construction progress in Milwaukee from Norm Krentel.

The first photo is on Ogden Ave., looking east from Astor Street.

The next is from the same location, but shows the old rail projecting out from the pavement.

Also looking east on Ogden Ave, and west of Astor St.  The old rubble has been cleaned out.

The next block to the west, on Ogden – shows the cavity is filled with stone and awaiting the rail structure.

On Jackson, just south of Ogden – rail is placed – shows rubber attached to both sides of the rail.

Next, just to the south on Jackson from the above image – rail is placed, with rail stacked.

Further south on Jackson St – tie remnants were left in place,
but have been cut off, allowing space for the new rails

On Broadway, new concrete for trolley support pole

On Broadway – these little pole bases are a bit of an obstruction….

Future Station - soon will be pouring more concrete – Jackson St.

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Anonymous said...

First Kenosha, now Milwaukee. Never thought I'd be jealous of Wisconsin transit. :(

-Dave Steamboat