Monday, August 28, 2017

Sunday report

Frank writes...

Sunday was something of a slow day at the museum. Rain was in the forecast, and while the sky looked threatening all day (and the crowd was commensurately small) we never got more than a few drops. I spent part of the afternoon in meetings and then did some work on Shaker Heights 18, doing more fitting work on the steel plate. Unfortunately, yet again I forgot to take any photos. Oops. But there was plenty of other stuff going on.

Here, Norm, Jeff B, and Dan drive a couple of test rivets. Soon they'll rivet together all of the new steel in the frame at the front end of the Michigan car.
Richard, Greg, and Thomas were working on the CTA spam cans. One of the 6600s had an MG set that had failed and they dropped it out of the car. It sounds like it will need some components replaced but I didn't catch exactly what was wrong with it.
The step wells for CA&E 451, which I believe Fred and Jeff O. have been working on, were out in Barn 4 in primer.
And then there's the progress that's been made recently on Illinois Terminal Class B 1565. Above, the new control resistors that were specially modified to specifications developed by Bob Sundelin have arrived. Installation of these should make the locomotive operational again.
And in the meantime, windows for the 1565 are being refurbished and are in the "lean-three" in fresh Tile Red.

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