Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wednesday Report

Another productive Wednesday featured great weather and lots of activity.  But we'll start with a few roster shots of steam locomotives on the turntable leads.

This is the newly-repainted SP 975.  It's a purely cosmetic restoration, but it certainly looks great.

Next is the 1630, with its new auxiliary tender.  This replaces the old milk car.

Finally, the Shay will be running this weekend along with the 1630.  You won't want to miss it.

And in Main St. news, the floor for the Multi-Purpose Building was poured yesterday.  It needs to be watered on a regular basis for the first week to keep the concrete cool enough to cure properly.  

Dave Diamond had started on watering the floor, but he had other important things to do, so I volunteered.  It's not a difficult job, sort of like watering the lawn.   And I did this three times.

After watering, it looks like this, but it tends to dry quickly.

One high-priority Car Dept. project is to switch out the middle track in Barn 4, so the Baldy can be made operational, and the roof booth can be used for more roof projects.  John Faulhaber, Gerry, and I worked on this in the morning, with help from Chuck Meter.  I should have taken a "before" picture, but those of you who have been around for a while will remember what the front of the 28 looked like.  We managed to clear nearly everything away, and moving the car now appears possible.  That was fun.

We also met a new couple who recently joined, and wanted to volunteer.  Their names are Randy and Bev, and after some discussion they spent most of the day helping Ed with sanding the ceiling of the Electroliner A unit.  This seemed to go well, and they said they'd be back next week.  We certainly hope so!

Tim is installing the siding on the 1754.  Those splotches are lens reflections, not something in the paint.

Reggie continued to work on the 213.

I did some cleaning in the wood cars, and checked the oil levels so they'll be ready to run this weekend.  We still need additional crewmen each day.

Finally, today's service car was the 749, with motorman Ron Seavers and conductor Henry Vincent.

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