Thursday, November 7, 2019

More Roof Work

Right now we're going through another spell of cold weather, but we don't let that stop us.  Wednesday was another busy day in the Car Shop, with most of the regular activities.  I was working on the roof of the 451 again.  Being up on the roof, I didn't have much opportunity for taking pictures of other projects.

At the #2 end, a hole was cut in the canvas for the vent:

Which looks like this when installed.  The canvas is actually black, it just looks like a light grey with flash lighting.

And I installed the horn piping at the #2 end also.

By the end of the day, all of the saddles were installed and caulked.

The next step will be to buy the running boards, trim, paint, and install them.

Here's one of the horn guards.  They need to be cleaned up and painted.

Gerry Dettloff and Chuck Meter did some work on the 460.  At one end, where the pilot had been removed, the two diagonal braces had never been reinstalled, because we had to torch off the bolts.  They wheeled the torch over to Barn 6 to heat up the bolts so they could be removed, and I came along to help carry tools and so forth.    

Once this job was done, it will be relatively easy to attach the braces.

Tim is almost done with the floor in the 1754.  It looks great.

Finally, you never know what you might find in storage at IRM.  Some of the guys had gone into the King Cotton to look for parts, and discovered this.  

Somebody labeled it a "55 gallon drum paint shaker".  Nobody knows how, when, or why things like this show up at the Museum.

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