Monday, November 11, 2019

Saturday Report

The weather has been unseasonably cold for the past several days, but work continues as usual.

On the 451, I started by drilling out some of the holes, and installing the remaining support bracket for the trap door.

And I put primer on the bottom of the door.  It was later painted black and should be ready for installation soon.

And I want to start checking out the electrical systems.  The car operated at Cleveland on the RTA, and we don't expect any major problems.  But you never know.

The batteries are still in good condition, and read about 38V.  These are thought to have been put in by the RTA.  And I started installing the new bulbs we ordered.

The roof cables have to go through holes in the canvas, which have these good-sized cast bushings.

And the roof now looks like this, with all saddles installed.  Next time I will go to Woodstock and get the running boards.

Speaking of roof work, Nick Espevik was caulking joints on the roof of the Highliners, to keep them watertight.   Or at least tighter.  Matt went up there to supervise, so I decided to join them.  Warning: don't try this yourself without Car Dept. permission!

You have to carefully make your way over the pan without tripping the release mechanism.  That would be bad.

Here are the vents for the ventilation system.

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