Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Get Your Badge Right Here

Exciting news - our own Zach Ehlers is heading up a project to make replica Chicago Surface Lines hat badges! Original CSL hat badges are extraordinarily rare, as the CTA evidently collected and destroyed them after it took over. I only know of two or three of this style that exist, plus one or two of the plainer mid-1940s celluloid type.

Anyway, below is information from Zach on the replica order along with a photo of the original badge that will be used as the reference. There are also some pictures from "Surface Service," the CSL employee magazine, showing the badges used by motormen with various types of hat.

We have the opportunity to have Chicago Surface Lines hat badges made. This style was used from 1930 up to about 1944. Price is set at $75/badge and we need to place a minimum order of 100. There is no limit thereafter, so we can make as many as we want over 100. The badge will be stamped out of metal, finished and enameled as necessary. The original numbers and logo were celluloid but will be white painted or nickel silver stamped metal in the new version. Fastening will be with the two holes in the side as in the photos of the original but with an additional center back fixing which can be optionally cut/ground off. The badges can be custom numbered (originals started at 1 and went north of 15000 as in one of the below photos). If no preference is wanted on numbers, a selection will be sequentially numbered from 2001 and up. Please email me at zehlers at if you are interested. Please include quantity and custom numbers (if any desired). No payment is being collected now, but we’re hoping to get them started in the next month or two for delivery by early next year. Any questions I’ll be glad to answer as well. Thanks!

I've got my order in - what are you waiting for? Make sure you email Zach at the email address listed above to get your reservation in today!


patentable said...

off topic: what are the 2 Illinois Central electrics doing parked at 50th Ave?

Randall Hicks said...

OT: Getting the dust washed off.