Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IRM Campus Scenery

"This would really be a nice place if there weren't all these railroad tracks!"
(anonymous visitor)

The IRM campus actually has many picturesque locations if you know where to look. Here's a selection of views around the property which don't focus on railroad equipment, tracks, or buildings.

Let's start with the War Memorial, which was originally located in the Illinois Central's Twelfth Street station.

Also at the Depot is this memorial bench which we provided in memory of my father.

Between the Depot and the War Memorial is this arrangement of tablature from the Monon Railroad, with a flower bed.

Flower bed in front of the office.

Our new billboard, south of the trolley bus barn.

The Goddess of IRM.

This windmill tower is the last remaining vestige of the old Knut Olson farm.

The material yard.

Schneider's Grove.

Our corn looks pretty much like everybody else's.


Wooded areas along the west end of the line, and a nearby farmhouse.

Along the Creek

Spring wildflowers.

Wetlands on the south 40.

This berm serves to shield the neighbors from having to look at the south storage yards, and also serves as an historic reproduction of an abandoned right-of-way.

Part of the tree farm along the eastern part of the line.

Two views of the North Western bridge over the Kishwaukee, as seen from near the east end of our main line.

Scènes d'automne


The Siegel Farm

The farm house, front and back.

The farmstead includes several outbuildings...

The most interesting of which is this: what's left of an old Milwaukee Road wooden reefer.

Looking out across the fields.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photo composition on the last photo, "looking out across the fields"!

John Csoka
IRM Western Division