Sunday, July 26, 2009

Running Around in Circles

For a change of pace, I spent the day operating Illinois Terminal 415 on the museum's streetcar loop. The 308 and 309 were operating on the mainline throughout the afternoon with Jeff Obarek as motorman; the recently adjusted brakes on the 308 were said to operate just fine. Public attendance seemed decent and the weather was gorgeous. My conductor for the day was Bevin Brouillet (above right). The 415 is actually designed with a conductor's position directly behind the motorman though it can be (and usually is, at IRM) operated as a normal one-man car.

At the end of the day, just when I was leaving, I happened upon a switch move involving the museum's attractive CB&Q S-4 Hudson, 3007. I was able to take a rare photo of the engine in the sunlight, out of its usual habitat in Barn 9.


Anonymous said...

Those of us who happened to be watching the webcams saw that switch move, too. At the same time I tried to find the 3007 on the roster. No picture. Yours would be a great addition.

In this digital age of photography, there really is no excuse for not having more roster pictures of IRM's equipment. Yes, I know those pieces under cover aren't really photogenic, but a poor picture is better than no picture.

Your picture of the West Towns 141 is a great example. Thanks for adding that one.

The roster pictures really need to be updated.

David Wilkins said...

Look at that nice, professionally-attired crew! Nice shirts, tie, tie clip, hats. Not a polo shirt in sight!