Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ready for Service

The 308 and 309 will be running on Saturday and Monday this weekend, so I wanted to make sure they were ready for service. I checked the oil in all the compressors and went through the cars. Phil Stepek provided me with restocked emergency kits, so we should be all set. Thanks, Phil!

I finished attaching the rope guard at the #2 end of the 319, and did some more cleaning and straightening inside the car.

I went out to Yard 14 and finished attaching the tarp around the west end of the 321, so I believe that job is pretty much finished. Regular inspection will be a good idea. Sorry, I didn't take my camera. The tarp really isn't much to look at, though.

Here's something more photogenic! I attached the ground shunt to the truck and tried the lights in the 36. After replacing a bulb, they all work.

Here's the control position at the #2 end. There's no electrical cabinet here; notice how the control switch is mounted overhead, along with the vestibule light transfer switch.

Part of each bulkhead has a hinged part that folds down so you can access the wheels for the sliding doors. They will need some lubrication and adjustment.
(The light over the door is off because it is an alternate for the vestibule dome light.)

There's a lot of operation scheduled for this Labor Day weekend, so be there if you can!


Anonymous said...

you might want to check those car cards that can be seen in the C,A & E 36. If they are originals they should be in the museum archives and the original car cards replaced with replicas.

It is pretty amazing to see the interior of such and ancient Interurban. 1902 is a long time ago for a wooden railway car!

Ted Miles, IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

Ted: I appreciate your concern. However, we have found that they are sometimes so brittle that they rip or break apart if you try to remove them. On the other hand, they seem to suffer no harm being left in place. These are from the end of service in 1957 and it's basically the same selection of ads in all of our cars.