Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dave's Depots-Norfolk & Western Railway-Roanoke, Virginia

Business travels took me recently to Roanoke, Virginia. Of course, Roanoke was the corporate headquarters for the Norfolk & Western Railway. I stayed at the Hotel Roanoke, the hotel formerly owned by the N&W, across the street from the depot and shop complex. More on my visit to Roanoke later, but here are some shots of the depot. The building was originally a classically-styled structure. After World War II, the N&W hired Raymond Loewy to re-style the interior and exterior of the station. The effect is a stunning mid-century modern effect. Though the depot later fell into disrepair, and the concourse over the tracks was demolished, the structure remains. It currently houses the fantastic O. Winston Link Museum, and a visitor center for Roanoke.


Kirk Warner said...

Is there some reason that you do not paint the bottom edge of the windows. Wouldn't this seal the entire wood window structure better, especially if the car is caught out in the rain?

Randall Hicks said...

I think Kirk is referring to my 319 progress post below. That's actually the top edge you see there. The railroad never bothered to paint it so I don't either. The bottom edge does get painted, for the reasons you mention.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos and write up. There is a short story about this station in the current Classic Trains, Winter 2010, pages 44-45. This place is well worth a visit!

John Csoka
IRM Western Division