Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday at the Museum

I was able to make it out to IRM for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. I worked on a few small projects and also enjoyed wasting some time going for a fan trip on the 460 and helping Bob Kutella test out the buzzers in the Sand Springs car. After looking over all the progress being made on the 319 (see post below), I took the #1 end controller cover over to Barn 4 and proceeded to needle-chip and wire-wheel it (at left, photo halfway through the process). The next time I'm at IRM I can needle-chip the #2 end controller cover.

Following this, I took a few photos of the truck-mounted sanders on the 205 for our old friend Laddie Vitek; he is working with the group in Portland, Oregon restoring Portland Traction 813, a Brill Master Unit that operated during the 1950's alongside our own 205 (813 as PT 4012 and 205 as PT 4003). I also brought the very last end window from the 205 into the shop to be stripped; the photo at right shows some of my progress. Once all of the paint is off of the window it will be reinstalled, completing that small part of the restoration.

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