Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Frank forwarded me this ad the other day. It was scanned and sent to him by Ken Spengler, a longtime IRM car dept. volunteer. I thought it was interesting, considering the spoksman promoting Union Pacific's "Domeliner" service, and given the fact that it is election day. The ad appeared in the May 1959 issue of National Geographic magazine. Of course, the Hicks Car Works and its employees, owners, directors and/or officers do not endorse any particular candidate or party for any election, past, present, future, or otherwise.


Frank Hicks said...

And I should point out that the ad was scanned and sent to me by Ken Spengler, a longtime volunteer in IRM's Electric Car Department.

Randall Hicks said...

While we do not endorse parties or candidates in anything as trivial as national elections, I suppose this ad counts as subliminal advertising on behalf of the Silver Pony.


Restricted Fund is R1108 DRGW.

David Wilkins said...

Good catch Randy! Yes, you too can acquire the same habit as former President Reagan, by enjoying dome travel! Send in your donations today!

Anonymous said...

I will play Devil's Advocate a bit and point out the Western Pacific Railroad Museum has a project going to re-assemble a california Zephyr train. They already have a locomotive and some cars at their place in Portola, California.

That being said I am glad to read that the Olympus Project for the Nebraska Zephyr is now an official IRM project. I hope the work of moving the car succeeds!

Ted Miles
IRM Member