Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neither Rain Nor Sleet...

... nor cold nor hail can keep us from painting, as long as we have the right facilities. The smoking compartment is small and air-tight enough so that a space heater can get it up to a comfortable temperature, even when it's at the freezing mark outside.

Several sections of wall got a final coat or two of polyester filler, followed by sanding and a coat of white primer. One of the sections I did is seen here, before and after. I believe it's going to turn out quite well.

John Faulhaber had made this piece for the D13 dump motor, and needed some checks and cracks filled. And since I was the only one around who was armed with polyester filler, I did a quick job on this unusual wedge-shaped piece, both front and back. It's smoother than it probably looks, and he should be able to sand it smooth quickly.

After this I had thought about doing some more finish painting, but decided against it. Instead, I continued to strip the #1 vestibule. The paint is too badly checked to save. Fortunately, I'm having little difficulty getting down to bare wood, as you can see here. It's time-consuming, but not a bad job for a cold day.

And over in Barn 2, one end of the 451 has been painted, as you can see.

Danielle was slowly and carefully prepping all of the window openings; the side should be ready for primer in a couple of days, she says.

It will be great to see this car in service with the 460, won't it?

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