Saturday, December 10, 2011

Early Christmas Present

We have just received a donation of several valuable items from an anonymous donor. First of all, we have the headlight, builder's plate, and number plate from a steam locomotive at Sterling; I believe this was one of the GTW 0-8-0's, although the people I was working with didn't know the details. Here's a quick snapshot of them in my trunk, where they'll stay until I can unload them at the Museum.

And there is this nice Pullman ladder, used for access to upper berths in a sleeping car. And also about two tons of old Trains magazines, which are destined for our bookstore.

On behalf of the Museum, we greatly appreciate this generous donation. Our thanks to the donor, and to those who helped get this material to IRM. If you have similar items you no longer need, or know someone who does, the Museum will be glad to make arrangements to pick them up for preservation.

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Anonymous said...

The number plate appears to be 8o; therefore the Sterling #80 was ex Grand Trunk Western 8380which as you said is one of the locos that is in the IRM Collection. There is an article about the arrival of the loco in Rail & Wire #102 for August 1981.

Ted Miles
IRM Member