Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Work

IRM has never allowed the cold weather to stop progress - work continues throughout the winter unless the roads are completely impassable. I had Thursday free, so this is what happened.

The space heater was able to get the 319 up to a workable temperature, so most of the time was spent sanding, filling, and then painting the ceiling with white primer. I also painted some other sections with a first finish coat. I have almost got one half of the main compartment covered with a first finish coat; the final prep and second finish can be done relatively quickly in the spring.

And a good alternate project is stripping paint from car 36, mostly the window sill molding strips and window posts, as seen here. At least in the center aisle I can turn on the lights.

And lots of other things have been going on. The Schroeder Store has been rebuilt by contractors; the front framing has been replaced, and the window openings boarded up to protect the building's interior.

The diner is nicely decorated for the holidays.

In the truck shop, this is the current state of the 972 truck kit. I think maybe the guys had to run to the hobby shop for another 2oz. bottle of Floquil.

And as surely as the sun rises in the east, Tim Peters will be working on Chicago wood L car 1797. Here he is making window molding strips, helped by new member Frank Kehoe. Our shop facilities are heated and available for use year-round. You can come out any time and find something useful to do!

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