Monday, July 9, 2012

Electrifying Pageantry

Today was the annual IRM Trolley Pageant, and everything went very well in spite of the inclement heat. As one of the participants, I was unable to take many pictures, but I'm hoping I'll get some good ones submitted from other people. I don't yet know how many cars were operated for the pageant, but it's got to be over 30.

CA&E wood cars 308, 309, and 319 ran in the pageant, and we also provided revenue service before and after. Thanks to Randy Allegrezza and Ray Bellock who were the trainmen.

We were parked for a few minutes at the Springfield Ave. curve before the review started. The three-car train was popular with visitors.

And our friend Ted Miles from Rio Vista has been asking about the 460, so here are some pictures of it.

Frank and David were running the open car today, so they'll be posting separately. If you have some good pictures of the proceedings, send them to me to be posted. Thanks!

Frank adds...

 David and I were working on the Veracruz open car for the day.  We did a couple of trips before the Pageant then a few afterward as well.  As always, the open car was quite popular - especially on such a hot day!  At left, volunteers swarm over Sand Springs 68 and CRT 1797 at the west end of Barn 4 prior to the pageant getting both cars ready.  Today was the public debut of the 1797; Tim Peters and Frank Kehoe are nearly complete with the car's exterior restoration and are now concentrating on the interior.

At right, David at the controls of the open car at Electric Park while staging for the Pageant.  Behind us, bringing up the rear of the parade, was the 1797.

 And in front of us was the 68, preceded by a gaggle of Chicago streetcars.  At right, CRT 1797 rounds the curve at South Junction.  What a beauty!

The other debutante was the museum's pair of CTA 2000s, 2153-2154, shown at left at 50th Avenue following the Pageant.  These cars were recently made operational by a crew of volunteers led by David Fullarton.  At right, the CA&E woods are seen at the main depot before being put to bed for the day.

David adds....

I really do not have much to add, other than it was HOT at IRM on Saturday.  Many thanks to the hearty volunteers and visitors who braved the heat for the parade and other IRM activites.  During the parade, my wife Katy visited, along with our friends Crystal, Kyle and their daughter Paige.  They live in Plainfield, and came up to see me in the parade and ride along. 


Anonymous said...

By my count there were exactly 30 cars presented in the Pageant, consisting of 17 moves. This was smaller than the last two years by design, with a lot of work concentrated on the the three new operating cars, among other things. Believe it or not, but work is already being done for a very spectacular show next year, which is the IRM 60th anniversary.

The oppressive heat continued, (97 F at 10AM) and probably a good decision to scale back a bit this year. Only the hardiest of visitors came to the campus for the event. It also took a toll on operators and crew. Thanks to all who volunteered their time before, during, and after the event.

Thanks for the plug and pics for the Sand Springs 68, Frank.

Bob Kutella

Anonymous said...

A gaggle of Chicago streetcars? Did IRM put horns on them so that they can honk!


Randall Hicks said...

The 319 is not painted orange on one end, despite what that last picture seems to show. Just shows you can't believe everything you see on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Randall and Frank,

Thank you for the pictures of the event and my thanks to whoever took the pictures of the C,A & E 460. She is sure looking good!

It was hot at Rio Vista yesterday; but not as hot as what you have ben getting.

The former IRR 202 is sitting up on car body lifts with the trucks out from under and not a scrap of paint on the body. no canvas on the roof which has had the necessary repairs to the wood.

The trucks look better than exected; new bearings are needed as expected.

Ted Miles
IRM Member

P.S. Was there an issue of the R&W out in June?

Anonymous said...

Does Rio Vista have web sites such as Hicks Car & IRMlist? The news is rather sparse lately since the passing of the former newsletter editor. Even as a member, the news is scant

Joel Ahrendt said...

Yes it was 17 moves... Pretty much all went smoothly on the yard end of things. I'm still trying to get the thing to start on time, I was only 15 minutes late this year.. I'm getting there....

Randall Hicks said...

Joel and the others deserve a lot of thanks for making the pageant possible. It's not easy to organize, but seemed to go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annomous,
Sadly you are right the new editor is not putting as much hard news into the new quarterly Review as Rick used to do when it was his.

And there is nothing on the museum's web site or elsewhere that is similar to the Hicks web pages or even the latest News pages on the IRM site.

The IRM is way ahead of just about any other traction museum when it comes to using the Internet! We are lucky to have all of it!

WRM is way behind where we should be when it comes to the WWW!

Ted Miles