Monday, July 2, 2012

IRM Steam Department Benefit

We attended the Steam Dept. Benefit concert yesterday at the Sanfilippo Estate, and it was a tremendous success. More than 250 people attended, and a large sum was raised for the Steam Dept. The concert by Dave Calendine was fantastic, and everybody enjoyed themselves greatly.

As a Hicks Car Works exclusive, we have lots of great pictures taken by our friend Chuck Amstein. As usual, these photos are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, etc. This is only about half of what Chuck sent me, I'll be posting another section from the Carousel house when I get time.

And the most exclusive part is that Chuck got a guided tour of the pipe chambers for the huge theater organ, which I think is fascinating.

Five manuals, pedal, and innumerable pistons, presets, bells, and whistles.

8' trumpets over the balcony.

32' open diapasons in the hall.

And now, we have a guided tour of the pipe chambers!

The regulators.

Gee, our church organ doesn't have a bass drum, although it does have a Zymbelstern.

Dave Calendine is our tour guide.

Mechanism for raising the console.

The console is in the raised position.

Dave Calendine after the concert (picture taking wasn't allowed during the concert.)

And now back to the public areas in the hall. Lots of stationary steam engines and mechanical musical devices of all sorts.

Just wait, there will be more!

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