Sunday, July 15, 2012

Various Visitors

Today (Sunday) was another good day of operation at IRM. The weather was clear, so the wood cars were able to operate. We had a good sized crowd, although nobody had to be turned away, and all of the visitors seemed to have a good time, apart from the inescapable heat.

From right to left, Jeff Obarek was the motorman, Derek White the conductor, and I was a trainman. I'd say we make a pretty good team.

And we had several visitors from far away. The Track Dept. guys were hosting a man who works for Amtrak at Philadelphia. I should have gotten a picture and written down his name but didn't. And here we see Frank with our friend Charlie Lowe from the New York Museum of Transportation at Rush (near Rochester) and two other members.

So as usual, if you weren't there, you missed a lot. Now if you're less than six years old, or know somebody who is, you can make up for it by coming to see Thomas!

We welcome Al Reinschmidt to our hoity-toity list of bloggers. Al is recently retired from a career with the AAR, and has been helping us a great deal recently. But there's a danger here, and I need your help. If we're not careful, we may start seeing articles about buses on this blog. Be on the lookout!


Unknown said...

I promise no buses (other than IRM's) on this blog.

David Wilkins said...

Randy forgot to mention that he pulled the buzzer cord out of its hook while serving as trainman.

Jeron G. said...

Nothing wrong with articles about the IRM bus departments on here... The CHBM guys have been making some good progress on the motor buses!

Anonymous said...

Frank DeVries Replies:

The Gentleman from Amtrak Philly is Ben Freid. He is working in our PTC office. Thanks again for the ride, and the discussions.

Frank D.