Monday, July 9, 2012

The Tri-Motor!

David writes...

My trip to IRM on Saturday was part of our return trip from our vacation/family reunion we attended the previous week.  Katy's family is from Ohio, and her cousin hosted a family reunion at their home in Port Clinton, Ohio.  They live literally right on Lake Erie.  Besides the nice weather and good times, I managed to cross off one of the items on my "bucket list," flying in a Fort Tri-Motor.  On July 4th, I was in the front yard of their home in Port Clinton when I heard an airplane overhead.  Looking up, I saw a Ford Tri-Motor flying overhead.  Using Google, I learned that the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association was hosting this plane, usually based out of the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, for rides.  I quickly drove to the airport, paid my fare and within an hour was soaring over Port Clinton in style!  Granted, I did not get an upgrade to first class, the leg room was horrible, and no drinks were served on the flight, but it was still a very neat way to see the area.  The local chapter is also building a replica of a Ford Tri-Motor, using the remains of a fusilage as a pattern. 

What a great way to celebrate July 4th!  Combined with the trolley pagent on the 7th, it was a vintage transportation week for me!

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