Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chuck Amstein Photos from Saturday

Chuck has been working overtime, and you can be sure we'll remember that when his annual performance review comes up.  Here are his pictures from Saturday, including the night photo shoot.  (Insert usual threats and admonitions.)  Enjoy!

Update:  Here's his video of the Centennial in action!

And here we see Engineman Amstein, enjoying his job.

Lots of CA&E pictures.  He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Chuck points out that the 803 still has a push pole, but no poling pockets.  Good luck with that!

Saturday Night Photo Shoot

First we concentrate on the UP.

Then everything Burlington.

Unfortunately his lens fogged up, so several parts of the night photo shoot were missed.  If anyone can fill in the gaps, please do so!   Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think the circular area on the pilots were where the Buffers were originally attached for use in Russia, rather than a poling pocket.

Mark Sims

Randall Hicks said...

That sounds plausible, at least. I don't remember seeing a picture of these locomotives as configured for Russia. Anybody have a reference?

Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Electrics by Noel T. Holley shows demonstrator GE-750 on the GE test track in Erie, PA with a knuckle coupler and rectangular buffers on a round shaft (also friction bearings on the drivers), page 119. It appears the Milwaukee Rd did not remove the buffers until much later. Bill Wulfert