Thursday, September 19, 2013

Out of sight but not out of mind, or painting the bullseye

Al writes...

I went out to IRM yesterday to see what I could do productively. First I checked on progress with the third rail beams for the 36, however due to the housecleaning in the wood shop for the upcoming meeting of the wood working group not much sawdust producing work was being done. Not being good at being neat, I volunteered my services to work on the CTS PCC. As Loren and Company are getting close to installing the headlining on the interior, him preparing the brackets for the bull's-eye lighting was on the critical path. So I signed up to put a coat of enamel paint on those that had already been cleaned up in primed.

These brackets are above the cieleing liner so the color they are painted is somewhat irrelevant. After getting these painted I completed wire wheeling the remaining brackets in preperation for priming.

By the end of the day I had completed all the cleaning for the remaining brackets.  Meanwhile the first of the ceiling panels, in this case the front "clam shell" was in place in the car making the availability if these lights somewhat critical

Meanwhile  John Faulhaber continued to work on tacking down and stretching the canvas for the roof of the 810.

On the next unit to the west Pete Galayda  and John Nelligan are busy at work on the wiring of the interior of the CCW 300. Great progress is being made here.

There wasn't much new to see on the outside around the campus and a rain in the afternoon didn't encourage me to walk areoud.

Meanwhile Nick shared a critic of our performance at the DOWT event conducted by HILTI.  One suggestion they had was to pipe the audio from the master of ceremonies and the Thomas music that we play throughout the campus and especially to the entrance.  I just can't imagine being subjected to Harold and I for the entire day.!


Randall Hicks said...

Al: Your modesty is becoming, but I would much rather listen to you and Harold than any of the other alternatives, one of which you just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice too if you could stream the audio along with one of the webcam video streams for us too far away to hear.

C Kronenwetter
IRM Member