Monday, September 30, 2013

The Name Game

Frank writes...

I was able to make it out to IRM for a partial day on Sunday and the first order of business was to paint the Indiana Railroad's name onto the letter board of the 205.  This was originally dark green with silver outlining, like the rest of the exterior lettering on the car.  I had previously penned in double outlines, for both edges of the silver outline, so I just had to get the edge of the green area in between those double lines so that when the silver outlining is done it will cover the edge of the green.  It was slow work but certainly rewarding - it's nice to finally have this name back on the car for the first time in 72 years!
I managed to forget my camera so took the above photo with my cell phone, hence the crummy quality.  I also figured I'd snap a photo of the brief period during which IRM had a streetcar from the sub-continent.
I also took some measurements to prepare for making up "P.S.C." stencils for the car, but that was about it.  The "Doodlebug Duo," Dan and Bob, were in the wood shop working on car lines for the M35 and Joel Ahrendt was buzzing around on various errands but overall it was a pretty quiet day in the car shop.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great project you have there! When they did the #202 at Rio Vista the lettering was just black; it is nice to see a sister car with everything right all the way!

Ted Miles
WRM Member
IRM Member