Monday, September 16, 2013

Chuck Amstein Photos of Showcase Weekend

Staff photographer Chuck Amstein has sent in some great images, as usual.   To begin with, you can watch this video of the CA&E train.

(And then, I just noticed  this video taken from the 308 on Labor Day by "foxrivermotorman".)

Jim West flags his train across a busy street.

And we're ready to go into service.

Dan helps by watching poles.  All four of them.

On the tail track.

"308 to dispatcher, call for orders."

And west to the depot.

Change ends, and we're ready for our first trip.

As seen from the Zephyr.

Chuck also rode the Indiana 65, with Jon Fenlaciki, motorman.

With its original IRR fare register.

Kevin Brown, conductor.

The famous South Shore line car also operated.  It has to be towed through the yards, of course.

And Dan and Chris Buck were running the single-truck open car, which was always packed.

Ready to be put away into the barn.

But other cars are being brought out for night operations.

Among other things, the Zephyr was running at night.

And a two-car North Shore train.

And then Chuck got a night ride on the dynamometer, which doesn't run very often.  He says: "The large gauges register the drawbar pull.  Some of this stuff was actually working."

The crew quarters.

Hydraulic piston connected to drawbar, for measuring drawbar pul 

Drawbar on right, connected to the large piston.


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