Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saturday Report

Sorry for the delay in posting -- our home computer died, and it took several days to get a new one up and running.  I believe this will eventually be an improvement, once I master the new operating system and so on.  Here's a report from last Saturday.

The side door for the 36 is getting painted and reassembled, as seen here.

And here is Rich Witt, working on the blueprints for replacement doors and windows for one of the steam locomotives.

 And while we're here in Barn 4, there are some relics of long ago.  Back in the seventies, there was a platform built along this wall for working on roofs.  I believe it was built for the 101, and when that project was finished in 1976, I inherited it for work on the 309.  This box still contains some old paint cans and brushes, but it's now inaccessible, since the platform was removed many years ago.  The hokey lighting system I installed with the help of the late Fred Disch is still in use.  Those were the days....   but I digress.

But mostly, I was working on the roof of the 319.  The woodwork for the lower canvas is done, so I took one of the rolls of canvas over to the car for a test installation.  Tim helped me move a rolling scaffold over to 8, and found the right clamps for stretching the canvas.

I practiced unrolling the canvas and getting it in place.  It should work out well.  I'm making sure everything is in place to start installing it permanently.  And Rod has ordered the canvas paint we'll need. 

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