Saturday, April 12, 2014

Will It Ever End?

I hate to keep whining about the weather, but here it is, the middle of April, and the day starts off with a mixture of rain, snow, sleet, and hail.  Whatever happened to all that global warming we were promised?

But since I wasn't planning to work outside, it wasn't much of a problem.  While the rain/snow was falling, though, inside these tin buildings the noise can be deafening. 

I finished installing the curved tack molding at the #1 end, and sanded it all down.  So the woodwork for the lower canvas is now complete.

There's more to done on the upper canvas moldings, some of which needs to wait until the lower canvas is installed and painted.  But this is the first new tack molding the car has gotten since sometime in the 40's, I believe.

All of it was then painted with primer, and next time it will turn black.

There are a few minor leaks in the roof of the barn.  Most of them seem to be over the sidewalk, where they do no harm, but I noticed one over the 319.  Next time, if it's dry and I can get somebody to help, I should be able to caulk it up.

After that was all done, I just had time to fix up the Kevin sign for the 308.  Its wooden frame had started to come apart for some reason, and I fastened it back together with new screws and nails in the shop.

After lunch, Frank and I went to the annual Safety Meeting, followed by the Rules Test, which we both passed, of course.  Attendance was good; Harold Krewer and Bob Opal were the experienced presenters.  They do a good job of keeping us all focused on the importance of safety.  So everyone is looking forward to another safe and efficient operating season.

Frank adds...

"Will it ever end?" is an apt description for Saturday evening's main event as well.  I was out at IRM yesterday along with my father, of course, and was also able to attend the annual membership meeting in the evening.  Those hoping for a show got their money's worth.  The meeting lasted nearly three hours and went to six ballots, though with four Board of Directors seats open and twelve people running for those positions this wasn't a complete surprise.  Congratulations (condolences?) to Jim West and Joel Ahrendt on their reelection and to Nigel Bennett and Bob Olson on their election to the board.

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