Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to Work

Having been on vacation in various places over the past few weeks, it's time for me to get back to work.  Or so they say.

I started by painting some of the wood on the roof of the 319.  In order to put new canvas on the center roof, some switching needs to be done, and the poles and bases must be removed.  So I'm trying to keep the pot boiling on that part of it.

And then I installed some new bolts to hold up the compressor on the 36.  So that job is now 3/4 done.

And next, I decided this was a good opportunity to install the new third rail beams on the 36.  You may remember the process of making them last winter.  Bill Wulfert and John McKelvey helped me load them onto a cart.  From there, it can all be done by one person.

The cart brings the beam alongside the truck.  If anything, it's too high, but that's better than being too low.  Then it gets bolted to the mounting brackets.

Before we cover up the evidence, let me point out that these are the only trucks in existence that date back to the beginning of the CA&E.  You will notice that the cars originally had a much smaller third rail beam, and the mounting brackets were part of the spring pocket on the equalizer.  These brackets were later partially cut away, but are still there.  The later mounting brackets are riveted to the equalizer.

Sorry.  The beams were left in the shop for several months, and got very dusty.  Please try not to notice our housekeeping standards.

This seems like a lot of work for something that will never actually collect current, but at least it looks correct.  Over the winter, I'll make the other two beams for the trailer truck.

 And I also started installing the toilet ventilator on the 319. 

The weather was beautiful today, and we seemed to have a good crowd of visitors.  CA&E 409 and 431 were running, along with the wood L cars, the coach train, and the 3142.  

But of course the most useful activity is getting ready for Thomas.  Tents are being set up and all sorts of various items put in place for the festivities.  IRM has been doing this very successfully for a long time, so we have it down to a science.  This year it will be two weekends, August 16, 17, 23, and 24.  If you're a member, we can always use more help of all sorts, and if you're not, you should collect any small children of your acquaintance and come on out.  Tickets are going fast!


David Church said...

Only fitting for cars of The Great Third Rail.

Anonymous said...

Your reference to making the third rail beams in the shop made me wonder about Bob Kutella and his frequent wood shop posts. Is anyone able to provide any updates on him?

Mike G.