Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today's Track Map

As several readers have pointed out, there's a pretty much up-to-date track map available on the IRM website, and I thank you for the reminder.  But at IRM, yesterday's news is already obsolete.

Pete Schmidt, long-time IRM member and friend, has sent me a newer version.  The new cutoff and Yard 15 track are shown outlined in green.  Both of these tracks are now essentially complete and are being fine-tuned.  Pete lives in Baltimore, and has done a fantastic job of track-mapping museums all over the country.

I should point out, however, that Barns 13 and 14 are not yet under construction, really, and Yard 13 is not yet complete.  But maybe tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the up to date map for us way out of town members.

yesterday i was at the Society for the Preservation of Carter Brothers Railroad resources.

They too were have band organs at their Railroad Fair. they even had a steam callipe going full volume!

Happy Labor day!

Ted Miles