Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In between two hectic weekends of non-stop activity involving Thomas trains, crowds, food, fun and games, children, money, and things like that, we have a short respite.  So let's do some work!

I worked some more on the letterboard of the 150, but it was too hot to stay up there for very long at a time.  Pete Galayda and John Nelligan were working on getting the brakes working on the Charles City Western engine, and I was able to help them solve a couple of conundra, so progress is being made.  The new compressor was not run, but shop air can be used instead.  The brakes can now be applied and released, which is encouraging.  More work is needed, but progress is being made.

Here's one of the seat cushions from the 309.  The arrow points to the broken seat frame rail.  This was taken home to be disassembled for parts.  Luckily we have several spare cushions for these seats which we got from MCRM a couple of years ago.

And then I started installing the final control jumper receptacle on the 36.  Here it is before installation.  The other three were installed a couple of years ago.  I need to make some adjustments, but this will essentially complete the electrical work on the car.  Until now, it's been possible to get by with only one receptacle at one end of the car, thanks to the basic GE design.

And the Volkmann contractors continue to make good progress on the cutoff track.   However, it looks like it may be a bumpy ride until something is done with these extra rocks.
And they have pretty much finished installing the switch at South Jct. for the other end.  If you look closely, you may see Jamie, our GM, inspecting the work.  I asked him about a "Golden Spike" ceremony when the two ends of the cutoff are joined, but he was apathetic, to say the least.  

Speaking of apathy, this weekend will be your last chance to see "Henrietta" in action before she loses her unique identity and becomes just another apathetic conformist.  So come on out, you'll have a great time!

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