Friday, August 8, 2014

Valley Railroad

 While visiting Boston, we spent most of a day visiting the Valley Railroad in Essex, Conn.   We had a great time, and can recommend it highly. 

My old friend Dave Conrad took time out from his busy schedule to give us a shop tour, which was greatly appreciated.  The Chinese locomotive was pulling the revenue trains, and the 40, a 1920 Alco 2-8-2, was in the shop being overhauled for its 1472 day inspection.

 A shop extension has recently been added, not yet complete.

 A Pennsy heavyweight is being completely rebuilt.  With full-time paid workers, a job like this goes quickly (by our standards, at least!)

The revenue cars are a mixture of Lackawanna, CNJ, and perhaps others.  They have all been repainted "Connecticut Valley" and I must say the effect is stunning.

Various other cars, including several freight cars, are on display.  Some are lettered for the Valley, others in their original schemes.

The herald is of course patterned after the New Haven's older style script.

As part of the ride, we got off the train at the north end of the line, and rode a car ferry across the river.

Then you hike up the hill to Gillette Castle, a mansion built by a silent-movie star to his own unique specifications.  There were many interesting things to see there, among which was what's left of his 18" gauge railroad.

 The right of way is now a walking trail.

And later, we also took the riverboat ride.  But that's enough for now.


O Anderson said...

The Gillette Railway was 18" gauge. Did you have more pictures of it? A remarkable early line, other equipment survives, after being used by a nearby amusement park.

Bruce Duensing said...

Gillette and his railroad on newsreel footage.