Tuesday, March 10, 2015

319 Roof Report

Another nice spring day meant more progress on the roof.  I drove into Woodstock looking for the lumber we'll need for the running boards, but it wasn't in stock.  It should arrive next week.

Meanwhile, I started installing the saddles.  You know, it's nice to get (nearly) instant gratification.  On Saturday I left a note for Rod ordering screws for this project, since slotted wood screws are lamentably hard to find.  They arrived today and went right to work.

In order for the saddles to line up with the carlines, the position of each carline can be marked with chalk on the edge of the upper roof, based on the clerestory moldings.

Then the jig is used to make a straight line across the roof, and the center is marked, followed by the outline of the saddle for applying caulk.  Some of them had to be repositioned slightly to avoid drilling into the steel carline stiffeners.  That doesn't seem to work very well.

 And seven saddles were installed today; my back started to complain.  There are 16 altogether, so if my calculations are correct, we're almost halfway done. 

In other news, the ATRRM magazine has now been put online at this link, and is essentially a blog.  It looks nice and as material is added, it should be an important resource for learning what else is going on at other museums around the country.

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