Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Boards

It was a beautiful day today, so part of the time I got to work outside.

The two roof boards that will be in the middle of the car were cut to length, and I started priming them outside.  The Kilz primer that we're using works well, but the fumes are very annoying, and my wife told me not to do any more painting with this stuff indoors.  But outside it was fine.

Luckily it dries fast, and by the end of the day both sides were primed and the bottom sides were painted black.

Rod ordered the leather we'll need for attaching the roof cables to the running boards, and it arrived today.  Things are falling into place.

Meanwhile, I was able to install the two roof boards at the east end of the car, including the trolley hook, and then paint the tops and sides black at the end of the day.  So this is proceeding rapidly.

Frank Kehoe has been making a jig for producing new window tracks for the 24, and here he demonstrates how it works.   Once it's fully adjusted, we'll see what the replacement parts look like.

And Tim continues to fabricate new seats for the car.  Here he is riveting the metal plates onto the coil springs.   Rats, I meant to get a picture of the seats that have already been completed.   They're very impressive.

And the 2400's we saw last time are nearly ready for service under trolley wire.  Rich Schauer is finishing up a few details.  Also, I talked to Joel about poles, and we looked at what's in stock.  I'm hoping to have the 319 back in revenue service soon.

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