Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Knotty But Nice

Today we picked up the running boards for the roof of the 319.  Pete Galayda happened to be there in the morning and agreed to come along and help, which made a big difference.  These are 16' Douglas Fir 2x6s.  They are a good 6' longer than the truck, as you can see, but all went well.  On the way back we took side roads so there was no hurry.  Thanks, Pete!

I'm used to working with hardwoods, and if there's one noticeable knot in an 8' board, I put it back and look for another.  But with softwoods it's just a matter of degree.  Apart from the knots, the boards look quite good and straight.


  After unloading the wood into the shop, and putting the truck back where I found it, it was time to start painting.  It'll be a lot easier to paint the boards in the shop than up on the roof.

During breaks from painting, among other things I finished attaching the rope guard at the east end.

Tim continues to make new seat cushions for the 24.   The challenge is that these are five times as long as anybody else's.

And Frank Kehoe is making a jig for producing new window shade tracks for the car.

And Max continues to make good progress on improving the wire over Yard 8.  Gerry was working on the dump motor, but I never got around to getting a picture of it.  So even on a Tuesday, which is fairly quiet, we're getting a lot done.

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