Thursday, May 14, 2015

308 Inspection

 As Frank has mentioned, the 308 was inspected and lubed yesterday.  I didn't take many pictures of this process, as we've done that before.  We were left with a short list of items to fix prior to revenue service on Memorial Day.

But in the evening, it was a pleasant opportunity for a walk around the property.  Yard 13 has gotten an access road which will run alongside the barn, as I take it.
Yard 14 is empty, waiting for construction to begin.  

Grading has started for the next extension of the storage building.  Bays are sold to project leaders who have funds available, and these are a big improvement over anything we have now, such as the shipping containers.  I should probably plan to buy space in the new building.

And up on top of the berm at the south boundary, it looks like this.

Our Baldwin center-cab has been placed on display.


 And a panorama:

Today I spent fixing various minor issues, oiling seat frames, and so on.  A step on the 319 was loose and needed new bolts, there was a whistle cord missing, and the grid box Frank mentioned needed to be fixed.  There was a break in a grid element that had been patched previously, but the washers melted.  This is a slightly more permanent fix; two bolts are used instead of one to spread the load.  At least the car can move itself again.  Frank plans to start assembling a replacement box as a permanent repair.

Tim continues to make excellent progress on the ceiling of the 24.  He also manages to dry his laundry at the same time.   Very efficient.

And finally, we know you're hungry for tasty deep-fried food.   Who isn't?   That's why we have this spiffy new fryer that just arrived today.  Here Carl brings it in on the skid. 

And after installation, it looks like this.  Jerry Lynn is setting it up.  Be sure to stop in this summer for french fries, onion rings, who knows?    The sky's the limit!

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