Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Grove Park, W. Va.

There's been a recent thread on RyPN about equipment at "Cool Springs Park" in West Virginia.  We happened to drive by this place back in 1999 and stopped in.  (My notes record it as "Spring Grove Park", but whatever.)  It was hard to stop laughing.  It appeared to be abandoned for several years at that point, and I'm surprised that most of this equipment is still there.  Maybe a new generation of ostriches are guarding the place, I'm not sure.  Here are some pictures I took, back before I caught up with digital photography.  I wish now I had taken more.  The captions are just the notes I took at the time and may not be correct.

"Spring Grove Park, W.Va."
C&O Caboose on 3' trucks; EBT Hopper

3' 0-4-0T -->  2-4-2T+T
The Main Line

Guarded by ostriches

Porter + Vulcan

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