Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Inspection Season

 Where does the time go?  It's May already, and we have cars to get ready for revenue service this year.   I was able to spend two days out at the Museum "campus" now that classes at the real campus are over, so there was a lot of varied activity.


 I spent some time working on the roof of the 36, but no pictures.  Some of the cars needed minor repairs, such as to the window latches and lifts.
The 319 was still missing three spring latches, and two of these were installed as seen here.  That's the 309 in the background.

The 309 had one of its molding strips come loose, so it needs to be fastened more securely.  I need to check at home; my log book from 1985 will have the exact locations of the carlines, and then new nails can be inserted.  Before I left, I managed to wedge the wood back into place at least temporarily.  The car should not have to move any time soon.

And some of the windows in the 36 also needed new hardware.  And I worked on the 150 a little, but that's a low priority project.

Here you can see the progress Tim is making on the interior of the 24.

Lots of other projects were happening, but nothing I was able to photograph for you.  There are only so many hours in a day....

In the evening I went for a walk.   More gravel is being brought in to improve the roads at South Junction, as seen here.  Some of these crossings were very hazardous.

And the creek was flowing merrily along. 


It's inspection season, and the 319 gets to be first.

That box car was loaded with lumber, and much of it was being unloaded for use in making floors for the D-13, the 810, the 28, and I forget what else.  Meanwhile inspection went pretty well.  

The one unexpected problem was a broken brush spring on one of the traction motors.  I don't remember the last time I've had to deal with one.  We always check them, and make sure the brushes aren't jammed in the holder somehow, but this is the first time a problem appeared.

On the GE 254 they look like this.  The way the brush holder is mounted is much different from the earlier GE 66 design, and it took a little while to figure out how to remove the holder.  But that was educational.

As you may know, the 319 is currently running on the trucks and motors from the 321.  The 319's trucks were stored nearby, so Rod and I removed a brush holder from one of those motors and I installed it in the 319. 

 This is what the holder itself looks like.  It gets wedged in between two clamps....  sorry, words fail me.  Anyway, it's now been fixed.

I also fixed the safety valve and one of the whistle valves that had been leaking.   The only major thing remaining is lubrication.   Yuck!

While we are not open to the public on weekdays yet, there were charter trips both days, so a number of visitors were wandering around.  More signs that summer will be here soon.


Joel Ahrendt said...

Remember to document that you changed the brush holder on the inspection sheet.

Anonymous said...

I know that they are not your projects and they may be foreign a language; but is anyone working on the steel C, A & E Interurbans? There has not been a report from the Electric Car Blog in forever!

Thanks for all that you do!

Ted Miles

Randall Hicks said...

Ted: I can tell you that the 409 and 431 are being maintained by the Car Dept. regulars and will be in revenue service often this year. The 460 is also available for service, I believe. The 451 is in hiatus, waiting for the completion of the paint job. It's one of those domino-like effects that are too complicated to explain, at least for me. Part A has to be fixed so that B can be moved so that C can have D do something about E, and A doesn't get fixed because the only qualified volunteers have other priorities, and so on.

Joel: And yes, I've already done that. Maybe you can give Ted a better answer....

Joel Ahrendt said...

The 409 and 431 are in service, ready to go. There are lots of little picky items that will get worked on with those two. The 460's main issue is the hole that was poked in the roof at a previous place, making it not a water tight car. We are also working on the feed valve for the car which failed last year. 451 is awaiting for the finishing of some parts.