Thursday, November 26, 2015

36 Progress

Wednesday was a reasonably nice day, so I was able to do some more sanding and painting.  The first six arm rests got a first coat of finish color.  Next step in this area will be to clean up the floor and start painting it brown.

And some more paint on the walls and window posts.  With care, the word "Utility" on the thermostat remains legible.

And Gregg Wolfersheim is working on cleaning up the ventilators.  Here's the first one he completed, and it really looks great.  These were removed from the recently-scrapped THI&E body, and will be put to good use on the 36.

Work is continuing on the Electroliner.  Now that all four sections are separated, we need eight shop trucks to support them.   This is one of the 319's trucks.

And the gates have been reinstalled on the east end of the 24, another big improvement.

Tim is making replacement trim parts for various parts of the car.

And here he is cutting them to length on our recently-donated chop saw.  It's a gift from the Great Midwest Train Show company in Wheaton, so thanks!

And that reminds me:  Happy Thanksgiving!

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