Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dress in Layers for Winter

As mentioned last time, the 321 has been retarped, and here's what it looks like in daylight.  Thanks a million again to all who helped with this project.  In a few months the car should be able to go inside, and we'll see what's left of it.  I walked over to check on the straps, as requested, and everything seemed nice and tight.

Tim continues to work on the 24.   Here the recently riveted end sill has been installed.

 The protruding angle sections will support the end buffer, which is being assembled in the shop.  This reminds me a lot of rebuilding the 308 back about 2002.

Norm and Jeff continue to make progress on the 28. 

And as usual I spent the day sanding and painting in the 36.  Nothing too exciting.  I prepped and put a first coat of primer on the center ceiling in the next section.

 Gerry Dettloff and John Faulhaber happened to stop by to check on me, which was nice.  We talked about how our various projects are going, keeping the cars warm, and our favorite operas.  I should point out that even in the remoteness of Barn 8, visitors are always welcome.

And then primer on the next couple of window posts and sills.  Incidentally, I changed my mind about the thermostat.  The older interior color was definitely a dark blue, not green.  I decided the green color on the thermostat must be the first exterior green applied at Brookins.  There were a few spots of this green paint on the window sill, which makes sense, but for some reason they decided to paint the thermostat that same color.  Other than painting the floor red, nothing else inside the car was ever painted at Cleveland, which is why it didn't occur to me earlier. 

And I reset a seat back which had been misaligned for a long time, and sorted parts, and filled some screw holes.  At Cleveland the 36 and 319 had little hasps with tiny padlocks installed to keep people from opening the electrical cabinets and flag boxes, for what little that's worth.  One of the first things I did when the cars arrived was to remove them, since they really looked foolish.  I filled the screw holes on the 319 several years ago, and did the 36 today.  Probably you would never notice the holes if you weren't looking for them, but they always bothered me.  And it's nice to have a few small miscellaneous projects in between all the sanding and so forth that goes on. 

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