Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Around the Property

It's time for another tour of a few different spots around the property.  Other things were going on I didn't have time to cover. 

Our Lake Shore Electric box trailer is being lettered, and the interior is being painted.  John and Gerry are doing some or all of this work.

Jeff and Norm are welding in new steel on the Michigan car.

On the 24, Tim is assembling the east end of the car.

 Meanwhile, let's look at the trucks and motors.  The trucks we got from MOT are generally in pretty bad shape, but we should be able to put together a good motor truck eventually. 

They spent many years sinking into the mud.   I've never seen a pinion that looked anything like this, and the gear isn't much better, but the other ones on this truck are OK. 

The motors will need to be rebuilt, probably using parts from different sources.  These brush holders are completely frozen.

I checked on the 321's tarp.  The heavy winds had pulled both ends out from under the horizontal strap, so I used some bungee cords to hold them down so they don't flap so much.  Otherwise it seems to be fine.

 The new barns still need doors at the east end, where the tracks enter.   Here the parts are laid out in barn 13.

And the first door was being installed when I went over there about noon.  So this part of the project should be completed soon.

And back in the 36, after a lot of prep, the center ceiling for the next section got a coat of primer.  Also several windows had the shade tracks reinstalled, so they're complete again.

And two cord hangers were reinstalled and painted.

And four more arm rests sanded down and primed.

And several other projects are being pursued.  You just have to be there in person to see it all.


Unknown said...

Will the east end of the 24 get the samd elaborate destination sign and marker lamps that the west end got?

Randall Hicks said...

Yes, they've already been made.

Anonymous said...

And in fact, the roof signs have been on the east end of the car for quite some time. The actual roller curtains will be worked on this winter. Bill Wulfert