Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Painting

It was another nice day for painting the 36's interior.  But if I want to get this project done, it's necessary to pretty much be a hermit, so I barely talked to anybody else yesterday.  

The center parts of the third section of ceiling got finish color.  Then there was more sanding and primer on some of the lower parts.

 Then finish color on the wall sections, baggage rack, etc. including the thermostat and thermometer.

More window shade tracks were taken to the shop to be stripped, and were then painted with primer back in the car.

I also painted the new latch on the 308 blue, but forgot to take a picture.   Anyway, it looks pretty good from a distance.

Then I visited my secret stash of parts, looking for a buzzer cord.  The 36's buzzer cord broke during the last revenue trip back in September, and in any case it wasn't a wire-core rope like it should be.  I found a cord from the 309 that had separated at one end many years ago, and was thus too short for the 309.   But for the 36 it's more than long enough, so we're in luck. 


Kirk WARNER said...

The car looks better each time you finish another section. Are the shade tracks identical or do you have to number them for every location that you remove them from?

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Kirk.

The window shade tracks were stamped on the back by the builders, although the numbers are sometimes hard to make out. The shade tracks appear to be nearly identical, as are the windows, but it's a good general practice to number everything removable and keep the parts in order.

Anonymous said...

I've been a wondering and meaning to ask why did you paint the car card area blue, but now I think I see that they are inserted cards for masking?

Randall Hicks said...

Yes, it's just ordinary construction paper. The standard size is 22x28, and it happens that most car cards are 11x28, so you just cut construction paper in half and it makes a convenient mask. As I've mentioned before, old car cards tend to be very brittle and it's impossible to remove them, or move them at all, without ripping.

And the last time I was at the drugstore, blue was cheaper than black.

Joel Ahrendt said...

Let me know if you need something for the buzzer cord. Depending on what it is, I have repair parts for them.