Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let It Snow

... as long as the snow doesn't stick to the roads and make driving difficult.  It stuck to all the tree branches, however, and was quite scenic.

The three bilevels were sitting in front of the Depot.  I'm going to be a trainman on Sunday, and am hoping we get a good crowd.  Spread the word!

 Then I walked over to check on the 321's tarp; all is well.

The rolling doors have been installed in Barn 14, as seen here.  I imagine they'll be functional as soon as AC power is available.  Work has started on mounting them in Barn 13.

Other than that, I installed all of the repainted ventilators that Gregg had prepared for me.

 And the next set of window shade tracks were prepped and primed.

More parts of the ceiling were also sanded down and primed.

And another couple sections of the lower wall were painted.  All in all, a very satisfying day. 

 Reminder: don't let Happy Holidays Railway leave you in the cold!


Kirk Warner said...

The work that you are completing in the 36 is making a huge difference in the appearance of the car. Do you have any idea when the installation of the lights and outlets is scheduled for bars 13 and 14 so that an occupancy permit can be obtained? It seems such a waste to have these two barns empty when there are so many pieces of equipment needing protection.

Jeron G. said...

Talk to Dave Diamond.

Randall Hicks said...

Jeron: Kirk lives in Florida, poor guy, so it's not easy to talk to Dave. In any case, the contractor should be able to start installing the wiring in the new barns soon. As usual, things take longer than we might like, but it should be sometime early next year for completion. And then the switch moves will be horrendous.