Monday, December 7, 2015

Secret Santas

Yesterday was the Happy Holidays Railway event, again, and everything seemed to go well.

 The three Northwestern bilevels were used to carry the passengers, loading on the car line near the annex. 

The crew consisted of conductor Sam Polonetzky, Larry Stone, and some new (old) guy, I didn't get his name.

Paul Cronin was the Stationmaster, coordinating the activities, and next to him is one of Santa's elves, I guess.

And here is one of the Santas himself.  

The elves help by passing through the train, handing out cookies and hot chocolate, and helping Santa give presents to the children.

And here is another Santa.  His identity is also a secret.

Once the trip starts, the trainmen have little to do since Santa and the elves do all the work, so I had a chance to ride in the cab car for while. 

The last few trips run after dark.  A lot of work has gone into decorating the property; this is just a small sample.

So that was a lot of fun, and the passengers, young and old, all seemed to be having a great time.  Two of the trips were completely full, and all except the last had a good crowd of visitors, so it seems to be a success.  It will be running again next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so spread the word!

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