Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yuletide Cheer

If this doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will: 

Due to popular demand, this bulkhead panel got a nice coat of varnish today so the new paint won't affect the original pattern.  And then there was more surface prep on various parts of the end of the car, and the walls in the last section.   The pocket door got a first coat of primer.

Among other things, more of the wainscot was painted the final color, as were four more arm rests.


And I took one of the defective rollers for the pocket doors to the shop and talked it over with Tim a little.  On the left is one from the 24; it had springs to push the roller out of the housing and hold it against the door, but all of these springs have rusted out.  On the right is the smaller one from the 36.  These have rubber rollers, I believe, but several of the them have broken up and disappeared.  I'm going to try to find the right material to make new rollers; a stiff rubber tube with the right ID and OD should work, if it's available.

 On the 28, Norm shows some of the new parts being made to rebuild the front end of the car, alongside the rusted-out originals.

Mike and Bob have been working on the other gate, and it's almost ready.  The hanging lights are now installed and connected, and the final coats of paint were being applied.  Mike says they might be able to install it this weekend.

We now have an actual truck in the truck repair bay.  This is one that was in IRM's collection; behind it are two motors recently retrieve from storage.  They're in relatively good condition, actually.

Tim is removing the axle caps from an MOT truck over on 41.

 And the siding has been installed on the east platform.

Need some more Yuletide cheer?   Here we come a-wassailing.... 


Anonymous said...

It appears you are going to paint over the bulkhead. It seems to be quite unique. Why not leave it just the way it is? Mark Becker

Jeron G. said...

Randy, Rod should be able to find rubber rollers for the pocket door either at Grainger or McMaster-Carr.