Friday, February 12, 2016

36 Report

Yesterday was another quiet day at the Museum, but not a day goes by that something doesn't get done, I'm pretty sure.  In any case, since I was by myself, it was back to painting the interior of the 36.  While the car warmed up, I installed the rest of the newly-repainted window shade tracks with shiny new screws that Rod ordered for me.  Many of them got lost over the years, but now the interior is mechanically complete.

And after more sanding, I finished putting primer on the rest of the interior walls at the #2 end.  I decided it was too cold for finish paint anywhere.

Meanwhile, down in the man cave, Tim continues to work on the control system for the 24.  Our friend Max stopped by to offer advice and encouragement.   These are the only two people I ran into all day.

Tim has been thoroughly overhauling the interlock mechanisms and they appear to work quite nicely.  He's almost to the point of starting to megger the control circuits, looking for electrical problems.

 Hey, we've got your number.  The original number was too badly damaged to save.  It will be in imitation gold leaf with a very thin (about 1/16") black outline.  The only way to do this is to paint the black first, then the gold over that.  You'll see.

Finally, I connected the cord for the conductor's valve again, since painting on this part of the ceiling is done.  The rope at the top goes through a pulley which is connected to a pair of steel wires.  They come down through a pipe in the corner, and beneath the seat the wires are connected to the trip cock on the floor.  It's kind of a hokey system, but it works.  This cannot be how the system worked when there was a toilet compartment here, because the trip cock is located where the hole in the floor was. 

As cold as it may be, we're already thinking about the operating schedule.  We hope to have all four wood cars in operation, usually with a two-car train on any particular day.   And changing out the operating consist from time to time without warning.  So be ready!


Anonymous said...

How did you make out with your air tank search? Did you find one or both of them in the spare parts department?

Ted Miles, IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

We found one spare tank and took it over to the Steam Dept. for hydroing. I think next we will drop the other tank and have it tested also. I don't know how long that might take.