Sunday, February 7, 2016

Streetcar to Ybor City

Tampa has a heritage streetcar operation that we wanted to ride while in Florida.  It runs from the center of the city, past museums, stadiums, and docks for cruise ships, to the old Ybor City district.  The line is entirely on a restricted right-of-way in the streets and is single track with several passing sidings.

 The cars were built by Gomaco about 2002, using vintage motors and control systems.  They look good and are a welcome contrast to the modern LRV's one sees elsewhere.

Here we are meeting a car in the opposite direction.   Most of the line has double contact wire to avoid the use of frogs at sidings.  In the distance is the Aquarium.  It's an interesting ride.

Ybor City is a historic district, somewhat like the French Quarter in New Orleans.

It has a long history of Cuban influence.  We watched a man at work inside a cigar store through the window, rolling Cuban cigars by hand.  Not enough to make me take up the habit, however.


Anonymous said...

I read reports that the trucks and some electrical gear for the streetcars can from Milan (same type cars that San Francisco obtained)

Anonymous said...

The Tampa-Ybor City line also has a operating Birney streetcar - did you see it?

Anonymous said...

I assume that the streetcars are air-conditioned - notice two humps on the roof and the ceiling air-conditioning ducts - Tampa gets quite hot and muggy in the summer.