Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Automatic Acceleration

Today's most exciting news, I think, is that Tim has gotten the control system working on the 24.  The contactors all come up in sequence.  Bill Wulfert and Frank Kehoe have been helping with this project.There were a few things that had to be fixed, which is not surprising, but as complicated as it is, it all appears to work.  When the motors are not connected, the accelerating relay has to be propped up with a stick.  Sequencing is quite fast, as you will see in our exciting videos, taken today down in the pit.  

First, we have the reverser throwing, followed by the contactors sequencing, which you can hear although not see.  There is just no place I can stand to view more than a few contactors at one time.  Bill is up in the cab, twisting the controller.

And then here's a better video of the actual sequencing, so you can see the contactors going up and down as the sequence progresses.  This is much more complicated than the manual acceleration we have on the interurban cars.

The bigger challenge will be to get two working traction motors in a functioning truck that he can put under the car.  

Apart from that, I spent most of the day prepping and painting inside the 36, as usual.  The interior walls are nearly done.  The bulkhead will need a second coat, at least for the lower color, but otherwise only the floor remains to be done, and the last couple of baggage racks.  It's really going to look nice.

And then I started assembling the last grid box.  It's nearly complete, but I ran out of time before final adjustments could be made.

I'm going to be out of town next weekend, so we're not able to go to the Soirée this year.  If any of you want to be a society gossip columnist for the day, that would be most appreciated.  Send in any pictures you can take, along with juicy innuendo, embarrassing gaffes, and scurrilous rumors.  Our readers will eat it up!


Anonymous said...

Randy, Eric Lorenz and Dan Fenlaciki helped Tim last Saturday for the VERY first test of the GE Type M (DB-15 Contactors). Tim is still working out the bugs. Very interesting to watch. Bill Wulfert

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks for the update, Bill. We certainly want to give credit where it's due.