Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Painting

It was another rewarding day out at the Museum, as a lot of painting got done.  While the 36 was warming up, I started by putting a coat of black on the grid box pieces.  Pete was asking for advice on testing the control circuits on the Charles City engine, and advice is always free, so Tim, Norm, and I did our best to get him thoroughly confused, I think.  But they are making progress on getting the locomotive operational, so that's good news.

Then, inside the car, I put a first finish coat of the lower color on the end bulkhead and other remaining parts of the interior, including the last three arm rests.  Most of these areas will require a second coat, but it's getting close to done.

Finally, there was more primer on the floor.   Gregg Wolfersheim stopped by to talk about what's happening on the UP doodlebug.

And in other news:  here's one of the pocket doors for the 24 that Tim has been working on.  Notice the nice shiny new brass rails to keep the rollers from digging into the wood.  On the 36 these rails get painted.

Norm and Jeff have been making progress on major structural rebuilding of the Michigan 28.  The new metal has been bolted into place to make sure that the rivets will fit.  The new metal will be removed, some welding gets done, then the rest is hot-riveted.  It may well better than new.

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