Thursday, August 18, 2016

B-71 Arrives

The Armco B-71 arrived at IRM on its flatcar yesterday and is seen here on the interchange track.
Photo by Richard Schauer.


Anonymous said...

That is an odd looking beast isn't it? Is there any plan to make it operational or static display only?
C Kronenwetter
IRM member

Anonymous said...

Bob Davis, OERM 253. When I saw B-71, I thought, are we getting into aircraft preservation? Then I looked at the photo and realized that is was a Westinghouse Diesel Electric. Looking closely, I saw what appeared to be a Westinghouse electric powered air compressor, like something from a large interurban car. Does this beast still have a Beardmore engine, or was it repowered with something newer?

Randall Hicks said...

According to Berliner's boxcab site, quoting MTM, "The original engine was replaced
with a 400-hp Hamilton 68-5A 6-cylinder engine". I myself wouldn't know one prime mover from another, but the electrical equipment in general seems to have a lot in common with contemporary Westinghouse electric locomotives, as you might expect.