Sunday, August 28, 2016

Visit to Monticello

I haven't been down to the Monticello Railway Museum for a few years; I used to go there every year for an annual steam fix, but that isn't necessary now that the 1630 is running.  But while on our way to visit relatives, I finagled an hour or so to see what's new, although I was aware the 401 wouldn't be running.

The new display barn at the north end of the property has been completed since we were last there.  It has three tracks, with two concrete walks between the tracks and elevated walkways along the walls.

The Wabash business car is on display, but not open.  

A view into the rear compartment from the platform.

 On the other track is a long string of IC varnish.

 Our freight car guys are working on the Pennsy bobber, so I took several pictures of this bobber from the B&OCT, which has been nicely restored and is open to the public.

And then here's a Russell plow from the CP, with a wooden body.

And I could tell you a fish story, about the one that got away...

The Shedd Aquarium's car for transporting rare fish.  I think even fish can get motion sickness.

 The 401 generally operates one weekend per month.   Here it is in the shop, sitting under its smoke jack in the building.   Note the full-length inspection pit.

 And one of the older carbarns at the south end of the property has recently been extended.  It was hot and humid, so at this point we decided to cut our visit short.  Next time we'll have to ride the steam train again.  If you're in the area, Monticello is well worth a visit.

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