Monday, August 29, 2016

Interurbans After Dark

For Labor Day weekend, we will again be having night-time operations at IRM for the general public.  On Saturday evening, the 1630 and two North Shore cars will be running until 9PM or so, depending on popular demand, and on Sunday evening, the Zephyr and two CA&E wood cars, weather permitting.  Otherwise I suppose we'll take the CA&E steels.  Last year we did this and had a great time, although we were basically doing it to entertain ourselves.  Nobody bothered to provide a ticket seller at the entrance.  So even if you're not a member, you might be able to get in for free again this year.   I can't guarantee that, of course.  But we can promise you'll want to be there.  Bring your camera!

Help Wanted

The CA&E cars are scheduled to run all three days this weekend, and we could use help on each day, particularly Saturday.  Contact Jim to sign up.  Thanks!

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